About Pick A Packet

Pick A Packet was developed by Curtis Swartzentruber; I'm a software developer who also loves to garden and dabble in farming. In fact, I moved from Chicago to Vermont in order to find my own spot of land and be in an area with rich sources of local food. You can read more about that ongoing process on my blog Hatching A Plot. I'm a big believer in protecting and saving our great diversity in heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. I personally feel that GMOs push things in the opposite direction, so I don't buy from companies that sell GMO seeds and don't list any on this site. I do believe in ongoing plant breeding programs for better disease resistance and better adaptability to local growing conditions. Here locally, High Mowing is doing some awesome breeding work and we generally have good luck with their varieties here in New England.

Each year, I love to spend the dreary early days of the year perusing seed catalogs and dreaming of the upcoming gardening season. Part of that process is figuring out what worked well so I can plant it again. Another part is the constant tweaking and experimenting with different and new varieties. This is part of what makes gardening so challenging and yet full of fun and joy.

This site is not meant to take the place of any of that and I will still always enjoy browsing catalogs and web sites of my favorite vendors. However, I found myself wanting a quick way to figure out which vendors carry which seeds, who might have that rare variety I read about somewhere and how the prices for a variety might compare between vendors. Let's face it, price is a small part of the equation, but seeds do get expensive when you have a large garden. I'm just as likely to buy from a regional vendor where I know the varieties will do well in my area or from a vendor I've had good luck with in the past.

My hope is this can just be one tool in your gardening arsenal and perhaps expose you to some new options or vendors you hadn't considered before.